Kingdom Hearts QAL Week 1

I know this is a couple weeks late, but if have watched any of my videos you know I have been fighting EVERY cold that has come my way. I mean seriously. Don’t they know I have things to do!!
Lets all thank Jennifer Ofenstein! Jennifer is the owner, editor and primary writer for Fandom In Stitches. She is the one publicizing all of the patterns. Jennifer is also the creator of the tags, logos, graphics for the website and Facebook group. I absolutely love what she has done with this. Jennifer has been my guide through this project. She has been more than happy to help with any questions and any behind the scene stuff that is going on and nudging me in the right direction.Thank you, Jennifer O!
Two quilt layouts This has been a year of first for me and designing a quilt layout for others to follow is definitely one of them.  For that matter, pretty much everything I created on this quilt was a “first”.

Here’s a list of what’s different with these two.


These patterns are the larger size
  • Cave Drawing
  • Sora
  • Donald s Wands-there are 3 wands to choose from
  • Sea Salt Ice Cream
  • Jimney’s Journal
  • Keyhole


Additional patterns in this version :
  • Smaller version of previously listed patterns
  • Organization Xlll
  • Donald Wands, 10×10 compact design
Quilting note: Jennifer Rowles (Playful Piecing) quilted this one for me in little crowns! How awesome is that! Thank you Jennifer R!
Alphabet inspired by Elliot Trueloves version of Kingdom Hearts font Originally when I was designing the quilt I knew I wanted the KH logo. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to say Kingdom Hearts and then ultimately deciding that we needed the whole alphabet. I reached out to Elliot Truelove. He had his own version of the Kingdom Hearts font. I really wanted to use that as my inspiration. Being a huge fan of KH himself he gave me permission to use his lettering. He also gave me access to an additional version. Every pattern in this qal is using the font. Joanne Harris tested all of the patterns for me. Thank you, Elliot and Joanne! Find all of these patterns and much more at Fandom in Stitches Games and Tech section.

Please note: All patterns shared on are derivative art created by fans and are free for your personal & non-profit use ONLY. Patterns are not to be used for distribution, resale or manufacture.


Wife, mom, grandma, gamer, and teacher. I've been quilting all my life.

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