Can we have a do over for 2020?

I know that I’m not alone when I say it has been a crazy few months. I have had such big plans for 2020 and couldn’t wait for it to get here. Now that’s we are right smack in the middle of it, I can’t wait for this year to be over. Better yet lets have a do over.I’m not saying that it’s all been bad, just a roller coaster ride that feels like it will never end.

Kingdom Hearts QAL 2020 Hosted by Fandom in Stitches

The Kingdom Hearts Quilt Along has come and gone. I worked all last year getting everything just perfect for it. Learning new software, fine tuning my paper piecing skills, starting a testing group, creating patterns that are user friendly, the list goes on and on. 2019 was a year of first on so many things. There is a pro and con to this.

The pro- Just about all of my work was done when the QAL began. So the plan was to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The con- work has been so busy that a portion of the event was a blur. Some weeks I barely made the Facebook post (a few times I couldn’t).

It was quite the experience to say the least. Hopefully the next QAL there wont be a pandemic happening in the background. Instead of a roller-coaster I’ll choose Legoland. Thankfully Jennifer Ofenstein and her Fandom in Stitches family was more than happy to help out with the event. I can’t thank them enough.

A special thanks to Jennifer Olfenstein, Cheryl Cooper, Verena Glöckner, Daphne Seymour, and Joanne Harris

I’m going to leave on this note..During the event two Kingdom Hearts QAL Facebook members decided to have a competition to see who could make the most patterns for the invitational. Erika Callahan and Renee Boucher did an absolutely amazing job on an additional 20 patterns. Let me say that again. TWENTY patterns!!! You can see them here. Thank you for all of your hard work. I’ll be making all of them as soon as my printer is back up!


Wife, mom, grandma, gamer, and teacher. I've been quilting all my life.

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