Kingdom Hearts QAL Week 9

Sea Salt Ice Cream and Donalds Wands

Sea Salt Ice Cream

Pattern in two size options. The 10″ x 10″ for the 70″ x 70″ version and 5″ x 5″ for the 60″ x 70″ version. A simple pattern, but holds a big part in the games. It was always the go to snack for everyone.

Donalds Wands

Originally I only created the Dream Rod in the 10″ x 20″ size for the 70″ x 70″ version of the quilt. When I started on the second quilt I wanted to try a different pattern.I ended up with three. The dream Rod, Mages Staff and the Shooting Star. You can make each one separately in the large size or the compact 10″ x 10″.

Cheryl Cooper tested both patterns for me. Thank you Cheryl!

Find all of these patterns and much more at Fandom in Stitches Games and Tech section.

Please note: All patterns shared on are derivative art created by fans and are free for your personal & non-profit use ONLY. Patterns are not to be used for distribution, resale or manufacture.


Wife, mom, grandma, gamer, and teacher. I've been quilting all my life.

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