Kingdom Hearts Friendship Adventure QAL

My inspiration (besides the game)

Week one of the quilt along is well underway and so far I have been getting wonderful feedback on it all. I thought I’d take some time and talk a little how this all began.

Fandom in Stitches hosted the Hocus Pocus QAL created by Daphne Seymour. She did an absolutely amazing job on it. This is when I started designing paper piecing patterns. I originally created a small pattern for the Zelda quilts I was working on, and then participated in the design invitational and even created a couple videos. I was so proud of what I had accomplished.

That’s it, that’s all it took. I then knew I could attempt to make a quilt I always knew I wanted but didn’t know how to make. Until now that is. In January 2019 my husband bought me EQ8. I was determined to make the Kingdom Hearts quilt happen and I spent every spare minute learning the program and fine tuning my newfound skill. Starting on the Rankin/Bass patterns and transferring the Hocus Pocus patterns over. Using quilt assistant and EQ8 I slowly started making progress, and then….and then it all started to come together.

Kingdom Hearts QAL Friendship Adventure Quilting Links

Fandom In Stitches Games and Tech

Kingdom Hearts QAL Facebook group

Week 1 Quilt Layouts and Alphabet

Week 2 Sora and Crown Border Trinket

Week 3 Cave Drawing and Key Border Trinket

Week 4 Kingdom Keyblade

Week 5 Treasure Box and Heart Trinket

Week 6 Gummi Ship and Heart with Crown

Week 7 Jiminy’s Journal and Keyhole

Week 8 Keyblade of Peoples Hearts

Week 9 Sea Salt Ice Cream and Donald’s Wands

This was a 20 week QAL hosted on Fandom in Stitches. I was unable to get all the post done due to the pandemic. You can find all the patterns on Fandom in Stitches.

Video Post-

TTMT #48 1st day of the #kingdomheartsqal

TTMT #49 Week 2 of the KH quilt and charity quilts

TTMT #50 KH Week 3 and Fundraising

TTMT #51 KH Week 4 and FMQ

TTMT #52 KH Week 5

TTMT #53 KH Week 6 and Bonnie Hunter mystery

TTMT #54 Kingdom Hearts week 7&8 and Cathedral Window Progress

TTMT #56 Wohoo! I got a video made!

TTMT #57 KH and Mask

TTMT #58 KH week 13 and gaming

Let’s build something together.