TTMT #119

Red Dragon Inn Trays

Update on work- The new instructor/IT Admin will not be able to start until mid-January so I’ll be staying on a bit longer.

TTMT #116 So Very Blessed

Update on Steven- He is doing well. He goes back to the doctor on the 22nd.We are thinking the doctor will clear him to go back to work Monday after Thanksgiving.

The kitchen- they were finally able to serve papers on the contactor. We won the court case, and he has 90 days to pay us back. The judge wants us to have a follow-up case in February to make sure he has done his part.

My work- I have put my resignation in at work. I told them I would stay until the end of the year. Hopefully they can fill the position by then. I’d really like to help the new instructor/IT Admin settle in. I plan on taking at least a month off and taking care of me before heading back to work/school.

Thank you all for making me feel part of the wonderful group. I am truly blessed.