TTMT #112 Mini Projects

Quick update on my kitchen
I am going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston!!
Yoda Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern by Pitchers Boutique
I deigned the Flag Pattern
Pillow is a Bonnie Hunter pattern

What a SUPER weekend we had!

Me and Steven took another quick weekend away. This time to Paducah Kentucky.

It was a very easy drive, just a bit over 2 hours away. We stayed in AirBnB duplex, Amy was our host. This was a perfect place for our weekend away. Super clean, nice linens, little snacks, extra bathroom necessities, everything we needed to fix breakfast (pots, pans, plates, cups, etc.) I didn’t have to reach out to Amy because everything was perfect, but she did leave instructions in case we needed to. Our favorite place was sitting on the back porch. Even though it was hot out, she had fans that made it comfortable. It’s in a quite neighborhood. Still close enough to the main part of town with nice restaurants.

Just across the bridge is Metropolis Illinois. The Super Museum has been on our wish list for sometime. The town has completely embraced Superman. It was such a cool thing to see. After we took pictures in front of the GIANT Superman, we went into the Hidden Gems Novelty and Collectibles. This store not only has Superman memorabilia but a bit of every fandom. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live closer.

We grabbed a quick bit to eat at El Toro Loco, then headed to the Super Museum. There’s a bit of everything Superman, Smallville, Supergirl, Lois and Clark, etc. It was such a cool stop during our weekend out.

Thank goodness the National Quilt Museum was open on Sundays. It’s located right off the riverfront in Paducah. As a lover of quilts, it was a must. The quilts on display are from all over the world.. I was luck enough to be there during the Australia Wide Seven, New Quilts from an old favorite, and the Follow the thread exhibits. It was a true inspiration.

Checking in

It has been a crazy couple weeks here.

Last week we had some odd electrical issues going on. My husband and son worked on our braker box several days. Changing out brakers, wall outlets and even a new turns out a storm that came in earlier that week damaged our transformer. The transformer was actually sending too much power to our house( and neighbors) that it was damaging our appliances. We are extremely lucky it didn’t catch fire. We ended up replacing our dryer, hot water heater, 2 fans and a small space heater.

Saturday, Steven and David installed the new hot water heater, Steven had a slight cough. Sunday morning Steven and David were both feeling bad (keep in mind they just had a horrible week fighting with our power issues). Monday David was running a fever. We all took Covid home test Monday morning. Steven, David and my mom was positive. Mine and my oldest sons was negative. Steven, my husband, had to be confirmed by a doctor for work. I started feeling bad Tuesday evening and retested Wednesday morning- positive.

The COVID test we received from came in real handy this week. We have all been vaccinated and boosters. I think that’s why we are only dealing with flu like symptoms. We are doing good, just taking it easy.

Anyways.. my oldest son gave me my birthday present early. Check out my new journal. The first (I think) 20 pages have spells on them and the rest is for me to write in. I think it is so very cool.

TTMT #108

Donation Quilts for Skills USA and working on Dr Who Patterns

I am completely behind on watching videos. I hope I can get caught up in the next few days.