Kitchen Hand Towels

After looking at my hand towels and realizing that it’s been forever since I made me some, I decided to break out my handy pattern I found on The Creamer Chronicles a couple years ago. The pattern has never failed me, but I did decide to fine tune for my needs. I basically made it to where I could sew right on the paper to make sure I could get nice straight lines without pinning to fabric too much.

The updated pattern does not have seam allowance so I put a few notes in as a reminder.


  • Measures 6.5 x 9.5 in. finished 7 x 10.75 in. unfinished
  • I cut the flannel 1 inch shorter (7 x 9.75 in. )because of the fold.
  • There is some scraps when using this method, put them in you paper piecing bin to use later.
  • Use shorter stitch length so the paper rips off easily.
  • Baste your towels before tucking into the handle, this will help it stay in place.
  • I used some left over flannel for the middle section. Your fabric should be right sides together, then the flannel on top.

28th Annual Bank of Ripley Festival of Quilts

Every year my little town displays quilts at the Bank of Ripley. Have you ever heard of Ripley tomatoes? That’s us.

This year they had 82 (I believe that was the final count) on display. This is my third year entering my projects. I submitted four quilts this year:

  1. Turtally Awesome- Inspired by the Native American Star Quilt. I made this for a turtally awesome friend Wendi. Hand pieced EPP/machine quilted.
  2. Exploding Tardis in En Provence- 2016 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. This was the first mystery quilt event I participated in. Machine pieced/hand quilted
  3. Holiday Star quilt- By Carol Doak. I have talked about this quilt all year. It was quite a challenge for me. Machine paper pieced/machine quilted
  4. Hocus Pocus – A Fandom in Stitches Quilt Along 2018 event. Machine paper pieced/machine quilted

The bank displays the quilts for a month and people from all around come by to view them.

I was super excited when I walked in today to pick up my quilts and one lone star quilt I purchased because it looked so lonely and needed a home. Then Melissa said “Jeanie you won something!”. Words can’t describe how excited I was. I have been on the top of the world and can’t stop smiling!